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Everything that You Should Know About Concertina Razor Wire Installation

Concertina razor wire is indeed a reliable and an efficient wire fencing option; basically, it is just excellent for the purpose of security. It is sturdy and is crafted from galvanized sheet. Basically, this solution is perfect for areas wherein entries are restricted and wherein there’s super-high security. Common places include dangerous industries, security agencies, border and airports.

The wiring is purposely done over the wall so that whoever attempts crossing it gets harmed. Moreover, it has a sharp razor joined to the divider. Traversing becomes very difficult for animals as well as people.

Concertina wires are simple & give better results than spiked metals. Since a long time, this kind of wire is being used. It is good for hindrance and obstruction. Even in camps, this wire is widely used.  This is mainly made up of stainless steel and tensile claps. It is multi-purpose and the outlook is very good. 

The supplier usually supplies the concertina wire in single coils and spiral coils. Also, they are available in straight lines or barbed wire. There are various blade types in it; customers can demand specifications as per their liking.

Many things have to be considered when it comes to installing this Concertina wire;

  • Firstly, the loop material must be checked. Ensure that it is not rusted at all. Moreover, the razor tape should also be checked. Make sure it doesn’t have any turn or curve.
  • These coils are very strong and you can’t cut them with pliers at all.
  • You need to tighten the straight wire so that it becomes all the stronger.
  •  Take assistance and also fix it and clamp it properly.
  • Once everything is done, ensure that it properly settles down.
  • Don’t leave it loose as it won’t be that effective.
  • Check the alignment properly.

There are several advantages of this wire. Security is the biggest advantage that you just can’t ignore. It has spikes and so, the area is kept protected. Installation is very easy, but proper skills and correct methods should be known. 
The concertino razor wire must be known for its versatility and so, it can be used in various areas. Once the installation is done properly, it looks simply beautiful. 
If you can’t do the installation yourself, then you need to call a professional for doing so. However, doing it yourself will save money. 
The size of the wire should be perfectly determined; you can even stretch it as per the fence line. There must be no gap between grasps and coils. After reaching the end, priers must be used to cut it off. Don’t handle the wire without gloves. They have some needle-like points which are risky. Bare hands shouldn’t be used at all.

Know everything about the wire before installing it; half knowledge can indeed prove to be very dangerous. There are several professional companies that help with the installation.

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