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Bird Spikes – Avoid Bird Related Hassles with this Solution

Chirping birds sound so refreshing!

With the concrete jungles taking up their adobe at a rapidly growing speed, we often see birds roosting on shady window sills or equipment. Sometimes it may go beyond roosting and become a nesting place for birds.
This is when problems start cropping!

1)    Roosting or nesting birds defecate and the dropping cause health issues and property damage.
2)    Bird droppings on equipment can cause permanent damage to the equipment.  
3)    Some birds make high pitch sounds disturbing the neighborhood. 

How can you deter birds from roosting?

Bird roosting has posed potent problems since long. Various methods have been deployed in past they vary from:

•    Visual Deterrents
A scarecrow used in farms is a classic example of Visual Bird Deterrents. Reflective surfaces, outdoor hangings like a holographic flash, scare balloon, scare diverters or a prey decoy act as perfect visual deterrents to scare away birds. 
Overpassing time birds get to understand the deterrents are nothing to be scared about thus your investment may go down the drain.

•    Sonic Deterrents
Sonic avian deterrents are audible scary devices. Although effectively low, these make distress calls that scare the birds off. A lot of sophisticated sounds producing equipment installed at airports produce an ultrasonic sound that does not intervene with human comfort. These sound only audible to birds annoy the avian’s without doing any actual harm to birds and keeping them off.
Over a prolonged exposure to same sound, birds get accustomed to these sound and may eventually start roosting again.

•    Active barriers
Active barriers are electrified wires that acts a physical deterrent and prevent birds from roosting. The electric shock intensity may vary as per the installation. Although very effective to stop birds from roosting or nesting, Electric barriers are very harmful to birds. The shocks can lead to health issues or death in birds. They also expose your kids or unknown people from getting electric shocks.
These painful and lethal barriers must be avoided completely.

•    Physical Deterrents
Bird deterrent spikes made of plastic or steel are 0.98 ft long spikes that cover the roosting area so that the birds cannot land. With a small prick, they cause to the birds, these type of deterrents cause no hard to the birds in the actual sense.  It is a government approved a way of keeping the birds away. 
Capable of preventing nesting, bird spike prevent any damage to eggs and nests as the birds cannot make a nest on them. It is the most effective way to dislodge birds and avoid any equipment damage. 
As a non-lethal method to scare away birds, bird spike is trusted as a most suitable method for avoiding bird roosting. Even some big animals and birds can also be prevented to tread into the territory.

It is best suggested to get good quality spikes installed by experts. These spikes are flexible enough and can be sized according to the requirements of the area. The government also recommends the installation of spikes rather than active deterrents that cause harm. 
Preventions of birds perching can be effectively be achieved with bird spikes for quick installation.

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